Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jackson Action Sports Press

Press Releases, Product Releases, Catalog Copy, Website Copy, Media Information, Consumer Literature and other Creative Writing for the Action Sports Industry (other industries are welcome and custom quotes are happily provided).

Low cost alternative to high priced PR Firms; we provide intelligently written copy for companies within the Action Sports industry looking to "get the word out" to those who need to see it. We represent a substantial cost-savings for small to medium sized companies without the time or expertise to write their own copy, but who still want to be understood within the marketplace. For larger companies, we provide a professional writing service at a great price, making it even easier to supply magazines and other media outlets with press and product releases without compromising entire marketing budgets. Since we only provide the writing service, you are not paying us to duplicate the work of your own art/ graphic suppliers. We will happily work with any of your visual specialists to make sure your catalogs and brochures sound as good as they look.

We work with you to create a "voice" that accurately represents your company or products. With minimal input, we can help you to express yourself in a manner you are comfortable with. From conservative professionalism to laid-back humor, we speak the way you wish to be heard.

Basic Rates (please email for price quotes);
$$$ Minimum- for initial discussions and first hour of creative time.
$$$ per additional hour (or part of an hour)

First edit/rewrite at no charge, if working within framework of initial submission. If total rework of concept is requested, initial rates will be adjusted depending upon amount of work required.

Second (and any subsequent) edits are $$$ for first hour and $$$ per additional hour (or part of an hour).

We work closely with you to minimize creative time and editing. We are proud that most projects are done in one round of submissions. Since mistakes are always possible, we ask for sign-off before providing a final product and completing billing.

Jackson Action Sports Press sincerely hopes that you will consider us for your writing needs and we invite your project quotes.